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With rapidly growing foreign participation in Namibia’s construction sector, the industry is becoming an increasingly competitive environment for Namibian companies. The Construction Industries Federation (CIF)  -  a non-political organisation -  adopts innovative approaches to facilitate a level playing field for an active and leading  participation of Namibian companies  in this industry.

This involves  the raising of awareness levels within government about matters of relevance to businesses in Namibia’s construction industry. This activity aims to influence  law-making, which directly impacts our members.  Currently, one of the major concerns is the adherence of companies to Namibian laws – including the collectively agreed upon minimum wages  - when participating in public tenders. It is also crucial that there is an acute focus on strengthening of capacity within respective authorities to recognise contraventions of  and ensuring the observance of laws that affect our industry.

It is of equal importance that we focus on improving competitiveness of up and coming businesses, through deliberate and strategic training efforts. The CIF facilitates participation at relevant courses; and our larger contractors are encouraged to subcontract some of their businesses and thereby supporting our efforts of transfer of skills in one of Namibia’s key contributing sectors.

Strength comes in numbers,  and by active participation through membership and dialogue, the industry as a whole can further build on existing efforts to strengthen its joint capacity.

Currently, the CIF has over 300 members – but stakeholders of the industry can increase the strength of their voice if all businesses in the construction sector – contractors and sub-contractors and suppliers to the industry – sing from the same song sheet!  

See our Services & Support page for more information about the benefits of becoming a CIF Member.


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