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The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia


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Support to SME Members


The Construction Industries Federation of Namibia (CIF) provides explicit support to SME’s registered by the Namibian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

The CIF welcomes applications for membership of SME’s. The annual membership fee for SME’s is N$1233.95. To apply for membership, please download the membership application form.

The CIF is frequently being asked by its more established contractors, to provide details of SME’s for sub-contracting purposes. At our regular events, you will also have the opportunity to network with other members and suppliers to the industry.

For further assistance, please contact Mrs. Sasha Louw at


Click here for newsletter published by SME Compete

CIF Tender Letter Application Procedures

Dear Tenderer,


NOTE:The tender letter is a TWO (2) DAY process; NO tender letter will be given the same day.


Please provide copies of the following documents when applying for a tender letter:

·         Company owner’s ID

·         Company registration


Please note that the owner of the company must collect the letter in person. If the owner is unable to attend, a representative of the company may collect the tender letter. This is only possible with a letter stating that he/she is the representative of the company, signed by the owner of the company. 




·         Complete tender letter application form.

·         Submit the completed tender letter application form along with copies of owner’s ID and the        company registration.

·         Pay N$80.00 (cost of the tender letter and Government Gazette).

·         Attend a compulsory presentation on the Government Gazette on the following day, PROMPTLY AT 09:30.

·         NO tender letter will be given if the presentation has not been attended.

·         Late comers to the presentation can only receive their tender letter once they have attended the next presentation, the following day, PROMPTLY AT 09:30.




If you have already applied a previous time and we have record of this on our database, no documentation except the completed application form and payment of N$75.00 is required. In this case we only request the owner to show original ID, to confirm ownership.


·         Collection of this letter promptly at 09:30.

·         This remains a TWO (2) DAY process.

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